About Fredericksburg Gourmet Coffee & Tea

The very word gourmet is often applied rather loosely to various products including coffee. Gourmet coffee websites all declare that theirs is the best coffee and the best coffee beans to be found. This simply cannot be accurate since only 20% of the world’s production of coffee can be labeled as best . To be eligible to carry the gourmet name, certain criteria must be adhered to. The beans must be grown on plantations at their highest elevations, having nearly perfect weather environments. After the premium beans have been hand picked by dedicated, caring folks, they are then air- dried. All of our coffees come from this very type of location. The grade of bean we purchase are classified as a Class I Specialty Grade Arabica Beans. These beans are then selected for proper blending and the Northern German Slow Roasting Process. Smoking at the end of the cycle is another important contribution given the beans and here again the Micro-Roaster can give that extra touch. The beans are dumped onto racks from the roaster where they are thoroughly air-cooled. Upon completion, the beans are packed in special bags for maximum freshness and shipped for delivery that same day.